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An intercom system allows information to be passed among the various crews during a rehearsal
or performance. Size and sophistication of the system ranges from a basic three station single channel (stage manager, lighting/sound, and backstage) to a more complex multiple channel
set up incorporating the fly crews, box office, house manager and dressing rooms.

All Technical Projects/Production Intercom Products Now Available as Pro Intercom Products

Pro Intercom
PS-300 Power Supply - 3-Circuit, 24VDC Linear, 2.4A                   $665.00
MS300 Master Station, 3-Circuit, Intercom only, Wired only, 2.A   $1,125.00
BP-1 Belt Pack - single channel                                                   $245.00
BP-2 Belt Pack - 2 Circuit                                                            $365.00
DMH220 Double-Muff Headset                                                      $305.00
SMH210 Single-Muff Headset                                                       $145.00
SMH310 Single-Muff/Gooseneck w/boom- Economy headset            $90.00


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BP-1 Belt Pack
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Small Package Systems - systems include PS4 with AC Adapter,
Beltpack, and Headsets with XLR connector.

EC-2B  - 2BP-1 and 2 SMH310 (2 Headset wired system)   $825.00
EC-3B  - 3BP-1 and 3 SMH310 (3 Headset wired system) $1,120.00
EC-4B  - 4BP-1 and 4 SMH310 (4 Headset wired system) $1,410.00

Additional belt pack/headset
system available with SMH 210 or SMH110 headsets - P.O.A.

Please call for info


Clear Com
CS-702 Main Station, Two channel, selectable program input
RS-701 Beltpack - Single channel lightweight, all digital
PS-702 Rack mount power supply, selectable 1 or 2
channels, up to 60 stations
MS-702 Two channel Fixed Headset Station
HB-702 Two channel Headset/Speaker Station
CC-26K-X4 Single muff, Ultralight weight, 2.25 oz. Headset
CC-40 Economical, single muff headset
CC-300-X4 Single muff, standard headset
CC-400-X4 Double muff, standard headset


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Que Com by Clear Com
PK-5 Power supply, 1 channel,1/2 Amp
SMQ-1 Single ear headset/beltpack combination

P.O.A. $290.00

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Three-way Line Splitter
25' 3 pin XLR Mic Cable
50' 3 pin XLR Mic Cable
100' 3 pin XLR Mic Cable
Single Channel Wall Plate - 2 XLR connector



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