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                                           Lighting Fixtures


These fixtures offer highly concentrated, focused beams of light which are able to be shaped by four internal shutters.  In addition, ellipsoidals may serve as projectors by using a gobo in the integral pattern slots.  These units are available in different focal lengths which allow you to select the most beneficial beam spread/light output for your throw distance.

ETC Source Four Ellipsoidal

Altman 360Q 6" Ellipsoidal   
Currently Being Discontinued

This fixture has made a tremendous impact on the Lighting Industry with its high output/low wattage lamp and ability to project patterns with little heat damage.

For many years the standard Ellipsoidal in most theatre inventories

*Four internal shutters
*Intergrated pattern slot
*10'-60' Throw Distance 

Recommended Lamps
   EHD         EHC/EHB
   EHF         EHG
   HP600     HP601

Focal Lengths
4.5 x 6.5          6 x 16
6 x 9                6 x 22
6 x 12
360Q           $POA
360QX         $POA
3.5Q Ellipse  $POA

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*Light output near 1000w
     from 575W lamp
*Flat, intense light field
*Projector quality pattern
*Drop-in iris & motorized
     pattern devices
*Interchangeable lens tube

Recommended Lamps:

HPL575/115,  HPL575/115x(long life)
HPL575/120, HPL750/115

Focal Lengths

19, 26, 36 & 50 Degree       $388.00
          10 Degree         $547.00
5 Degree        $678.00

14, 70, & 90 Degree        $525.00
15-30 Degree Zoom        $599.00
25-50 Degree Zoom       $599.00

color frame & safety cable included
C-clamp -$13.95

C-Clamp & color frame included


Source Four Jr

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26, 36, & 50 Deg Fixed Field angles.
25-50 Degree Zoom.
Cosine Distribution for brighter,
flatter field.
Interchangeable lens assemblies.
Heavy-duty faceted-glass dichroic  cold-mirror reflector.
Accepts M-size gobos & Drop-in Iris.
Supports ETC Dimmer Doubling

Uses 575W HPL lamp

26, 36, or 50 Degree      $253.00
  25-50 Degree Zoom        310.00



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