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Lighting Fixtures


The Fresnel is a versatile lighting fixture that provides a soft edged beam with spot-to-flood beam control.  This spot-to-flood control allows the user to determine beam spread once the fixture is in place for optimum use of light.  More control over the shape of the light beam is available by using accessories such as snoots and barn doors.

Altman  Fresnels


Altman 6"  65Q - The "workhorse" fresnel for most
school theatres

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Color Frame & Safety Cable Included
C-Clamp - $13.95

*Designed for Quartz lamps
*Easy to use  Slide focus
*8'-35' Throw Distance


Recommended Lamps
     BTL             BTN
     BTM            BTP

3" Fresnel         $128.00
8" 75Q             $268.55
1KAF               $320.00

        Cyclorama/Toning Lights

Cyclorama Lights are fixtures that produce a smooth beam with relatively soft edges. The units are designed to give strong, even light washes and are used primarily to illuminate painted drops and cycloramas, blend the overall light levels on stage and to create general color washes to establish moods and environment.

Altman 154  14" Scoop

160  14" Focusing Scoop

*Rotatable color frame 
*UL listed for up to
*5'-12' Throw distance


Recommended Lamps
   300IF           750IF
   500IF         1000IF   

Color Frame Included
C-Clamp - $13.95

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*Variable spot to flood focus
*5'-17' Throw Distance


Recommended Lamps
     EGC       EGG
     EGE       EGJ
     EGF       EGK

Color Frame Included
C-Clamp - $13.95                           


Altman Sky Cyc


*UL listed for up to 1500W
*Multiple arrangements for up to 4
Recommended Lamps
   FFT   FGV   FDB   FGT

1 Cell  $362.85     2 Cell  $655.70
3 Cell    938.50     4 Cell  $1177.00

Color Frame (additional) -$24.85 each
C-Clamp Included

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