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Rosco Fog Machines

Fog and Smoke Machines are intended to produce the look of fog or smoke in an area on demand. Depending on the need; a low lying fog, a solid wall of smoke or a haze to display light beams, a machine is available that will fit your needs.

Alpha 900

Model 1700

Rosco's most economical fog machine is operated very simply from a remote control with an on/off switch, weighs only 11 pounds and emits a huge output of smoke; UL listed, accepts all Rosco fluids and carries a standard Rosco warranty. The 1700 delivers fog output equal to, or more, than previous machines, but in keeping with modern practice, draws low power - 1190W. The Model 1700 has a remote control with fine control for volume as well as on-board timers and can be operated from a lighting control board through an optional DMX interface.
Alpha 900  120v             $495.00
Hose Adapter                 $41.50
Ducting Hose 4"x25'       $45.65
30' Remote Extension      $32.00
Carrying Case                  $395.00
Model 1700 120v with timed remote         $825.00
Model 1700 DMX Remote control    $235.00
50' Remote Extension         $67.50
100' Remote Extension        $89.90
Hose Adapter                      $41.50
Ducting Hose   4"x25'          $41.50

Delta 3000

Cold Flow

The state-of-the-art Delta Technology allows designers and technicians to use fog and smoke the way they use light or sound: to have the effect start on cue at the correct level and end on cue. The Digital DMX Remote is the most sophisticated of the remote devices using "real time" timers which can be set in exact one-second increments from one second to 10 minutes. The Analog DMX Remote offers volume control, DMX control and on/off sequencers. The Solo DMX Remote is designed for those situations where the fog machine will always be cued and operated from a DMX light board.

Delta 3000 Base Unit (120V)(requires remote)       $895.00
Delta 3000 Digital/DMX Remote Control     $530.00
Delta 3000 Analog/DMX Remote Control    $330.00
Delta 3000 Solo/DMX Remote Control          $330.00
Hose Adapter                  $41.50
Ducting Hose 4"x25'       $45.65


HEALTH WARNING: Vapor from this fluid, like any other material in an aerosolized state, may be irritating to or cause allergic symptoms in some persons with allergenic sensitivity. Do not fog in the presence of known asthmatics.




The Rosco Coldflow is an accessory for standard fog machines that converts liquid carbon dioxide to dry ice. The dry ice cools a uniquely designed aluminum extrusion that is capable of converting large volumes of fog into dense low lying fog. The unit can create a wide range of low lying fog effects from a continuous layer to a gigantic cloudburst. Best results will be achieved by using Rosco Stage & Studio Fog Fluid. Coldflow can be used with any Rosco Fog Machine.

Coldflow (120V)$1,695.00

Rosco Fog Fluid

Rosco Fog Fluid is the standard of the industry. Unlike the products used for this purpose previously, Rosco fog fluids contain no petroleum. When vaporized, this unique formulation produces a dense, realistic fog which has no unpleasant odor. The Stage & Studio version of fluid offers two additional benefits: when used with Rosco's fog machines, this fluid dissipates much more rapidly than standard fluid and when this fog is properly chilled (using Rosco Chiller Module), an excellent lowlying fog effect is created.

Fog Fluid or Stage & Studio Fluid
Liter             $16.95 
4 Liter Bottle   $59.95


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