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Altman Pars

ETC Source 4 Par

*A new generation of PAR fixture - allows you to use a single lamp style & change beam spread simply by switching the front lens.
*Light output near 1000 watts
   using 575 watt lamp
*Economical lens allows easy
   modification of beam size
*Beam rotation accomplished
   without placing hands near
*Smaller than standard PAR 64
*Eliminates light leaks 

*The standard PAR fixture
   used by most theatres
   and touring companies.
*UL listed for up to  1000W

Recommended Lamps   
    500Par 64/NSP   
    500Par 64/MFL   
    500Par 64/WFL   
    FFN  FFP  FFR  FFS - 1000W

  Par 64 Steel  $ 96.25

   Par 64 Aluminum        99.95

Par 56     93.00
Par 46     89.00
Star Par w/4 lenses 199.00

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Source 4 PAR with
   Four  lens  $199.00
Set of 4 Par lens $21.00
Source 4 PARNel $268.50

Color Frame & Safety Cable Included
C-Clamp - $13.95

Color Frame Included
C-Clamp - $13.95

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Followspots are used to give a movable sharp light beam, allowing the light to follow the talent or scene as it changes
location on the stage.  These fixtures are commonly used as reinforcement lighting in musicals and dance numbers
or as a principle light source in situations where a single unit must serve multiple purposes.  Most followspots offer
irises (to decrease beam size), shutters (to mask unwanted light from the top and bottom of a light beam) or dowsers
(to fade the light output  without electronic dimming) and a manual color selector.

Altman Comet Followspot

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*Best buy for 80' to 100' throws
*High output - low wattage lamp
*Top operated controls
*Quiet fans for forced-air cooling
*Best for throws of 100' or less
*Lamp included in price

Recommended Lamps
       FLE    ENX          Satellite -       $5785.71


Altman Luminator

Lycian 1266  Super Arc

Top-operated Controls
High output low wattage lamps
360/410 watt lamps
Positive locking pan & tilt adjustment
Hinged access door for easy lamp     replacement
Throw distance of 40'-60'


Recommended Lamps

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*Excellent choice where a high level of  general stage lighting is used
*Compact size, but powerful performance
*Suitable for distances of 35' to 200'
Recommended Lamp - HTI 400/24

Standard Throw       $7172.50

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This catalog contains only a few of the lighting instruments & equipment offered by Dudley Theatrical.  For any item you cannot find or to place an order, please call or fax
336-722-3255  Fax 336-722-4641


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