Color Media
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Color media (gel) offers designers the opportunity to subtly or radically alter the effect of their lighting.  This product is manufactured of either polyester or polycarbonate base able to temporarily withstand the high temperature output from today's lighting equipment.  It is available in sheets and rolls, and can be easily cut to fit.

ROSCO has been a leading producer and innovator of color since early in the 20th century.   Roscolux contains over 130 different colors and 30 types of diffusion and is available in both sheets and rolls.
Click here for a listing of Roscolux colors                                                                                                      
Sheet size is Approximately 20" x 24".     

Colors, diffusions and brands may be mixed
for quantity pricing.     

GamColor, now owned by Rosco Laboratories, contains more than 100 different colors as well as color correction for film projects and diffusions.  GamFusion is a deliberate and carefully developed system of diffusion  materials designed to alter the quality of the light beam in a 10 step sequential process.     Both available  in sheets of 20" x 24" and in rolls.
Click here for a listing of GAM colors
Colors, diffusions and brands may be mixed for quantity pricing.

   Color Media
  Pricing Structure

     Sheets     1-11         $8.99
     Sheets   12-24        $8.69         
     Sheets   25-49         $8.29
     Sheets   50-100       $7.99
  Sheets  100+         $7.74             

Call for additional price quotations.

Lee Filters offers a line of gel that includes over 100 colors and a wide variety of diffusions and color correction materials.  Sheet size is approximately 21" x 24",  also available in rolls.  Lee Filters offers a High Temp version of some of their colors for problem lighting situations (Please call for pricing of High Temperature colors).
Click here for a listing of Lee colors

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Color Media Guide and Swatchbook FREE on request with Order

Work Lights

Littlite Console/Work Light

Littlite sets come complete and ready for easy surface mounting. All sets are available in 6, 12 or 18 inch length with bulb, mounting base, and dimmer. Individual components are also available.

Klip-Light Music Stand/Work Light

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These 40 watt fixtures with the articulating necks are the accepted standard for music stand lights.  The units are  also  exceptionally handy as worklights and safety lights.  When the situation requires more light than available from Littlites, please consider this alternative.

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L1 - Low intensity,
  Detachable gooseneck
L2 - Low intensity,
  Permanent gooseneck
L3 - High intensity,
  Permanent gooseneck
L4 - High intensity,
  Detachable gooseneck



$25.90 each
$21.00 each in quantities of five

uses 40T6 Lamp -  $4.69

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