Ultratec Special Effects Machines


Radiance Hazer

The G3000 is the ultimate fog machine featuring RDM equipped technology, DMX control, 2000w Dual Core Rapid Change Block, LSG compatibility, low fluid detection, continuous thermal control and a full functional backlit digital remote. Features include continuous output capability and 1 gallon jug holder


Radiance Haze Machine is the next major advancement in Water Based Haze Technology. Features include: Built-In DMX that controls both the Haze Output and the Internal Fan.  The Radiance can also be operated by an optional remote.  Additional features include a Multi-use Bracket.

G3000 Fog Machine               $2380.00

G3000 Truss Hanging Bracket $601.55

Radiance Hazer               $1325.00

Radiance Hazer Remote   $157.60

Show Fogger Pro

Stage Fogger DMX


*Huge, continuous fog output.

*Incorporates a large heating block, a powerful whisper-quiet pump, and cutting-edge Rapid Change Technology

*A large one-gallon integrated fluid tank prevents leaks


* Microprocessor Controlled for a steady, consistent and continuous fog output.

*On-board DMX Control

*6.5 Liter "No Leak" integrated fluid reservoir

* Includes timer remote control

* NEW Rapid change Heat Exchanger, includes a Rapid Change Kit

Stage Fogger DMX (Timer Remote

       Included)                         $1325.00

*Comes standard with a 25 ft. deluxe remote, an onboard microprocessor, a built-in hose adapter, and a spare replacement Rapid Change Block Rebuild Kit

Show Fogger Pro (Timer Remote Included) $1054.00

Dry Icer



The Dry Icer is a New and Improved Professional, Cost Effective Solution for creating Spectacular Low-Lying Fog Effects for approximately 5 minutes.

  20 pound Dry Ice capacity

  Low Water Shut Off Indicator

  4 Hose Adaptor

  Heavy Duty Latches   


Dry Icer         $1285.00

(Hose not included)

Le Maitre Fog Fluid & Accessories

4 Liter Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid         $ 42.00

4 Liter Extra Quick Dissipating Fog Fluid   31.00

Optimist Canister                                   13.40

Regular Hazing Fluid 4 Liter                     45.00

2 Liter Neutron Fluid         $ 70.05

4 Liter Neutron Fluid            108.80

1 Liter Fog Fluid                   16.95

2 Liter Fog Fluid                   28.95

4 Liter Director's Choice Fog Fluid                                  46.50

4 Liter "Maxi Fogger" fluid    33.80

HEALTH WARNING: Vapor from this fluid, like any other material in an aerosolized state, may be irritating to or cause allergic symptoms in some persons with allergenic sensitivity. Do not fog in the presence of known asthmatics.


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