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Gaffer Tape - Cloth tape that has multiple applications in you theatre.  Used for taping portable dance floor seams and securing electrical cables.  Less adhesive than duct tape and the flat finish makes this tape a standard component in most theatrical facilities.  Rolls size is 2 inches by 60 yards, and is available in black, white, brown, grey, blue, red, burgandy and yellow (frequently used to mark sightline boundaries).  Colors may be combined for discount pricing.
                                Gaffer         Fluorescents
    1 - 3   rolls           $22.30         $25.30
    4 - 23 rolls           $19.30         $22.90
    24 + rolls             $16.99         $18.98

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Permacel - #665 - Such a well known manufacturer of high quality gaffer's tape people order tape just by saying "Permacel".  Available in Black, White, and Grey with a roll size of 2 inches wide by 60 yards long.  Colors may be mixed for pricing discounts.
   1  - 3  rolls          $24.86       
   4 - 23 rolls            21.35

   24 +  rolls             19.15  

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Vinyl Dance Floor Tape - This is a 2 inches wide clear tape for temporary seaming of dance floor sections. 
36 yards per roll.

Spike Tape - Durable cloth tape that is able to withstand high traffic.  The fibres in this tape give greater strength than vinyl tapes making the removal of spike marks much easier.  Available in colors (white, yellow, green, red, blue, black, grey, teal and brown) to allow multiple set shows the capability of indicating set piece locations with individual colors.  Spike tape is 1/2 inch wide.  Colors may be combined for discount pricing.
                    Spike Tape Fluorescents
1 - 23 rolls       $5.99       $6.69
24 + rolls          5.25         5.95

Board Tape - White paper tape for labelling sound and lighting consoles.  Low tack allows tape to be removed without leaving residue.  Rolls are 60 yards. 
                            1/2 inch           1 inch
    1 - 23 rolls         $4.99              $6.50
    24 +  rolls           3.25                 5.39

Screen Mending Tape - Optically clear tape for temporary seaming of vinyl Rear and Front projection screens.  Rolls are 2 inches wide by 55 yards long.                                       

Duct Tape - Very high adhesive, vinyl coated cloth tape.  This tape is normally used in areas offstage because of the glossy finish and the user needs to be aware that with the great amount of adhesive backing a tacky residue may be left on surfaces.  Please remember to test this tape before using on fine finishes.  Duct tape is 2 inches wide and 60 yards long and available in black and silver.
1 -23 rolls  $8.37
24  + rolls    6.29

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Glo-Tape - Used for safety and ease of marking positions in low light areas.  Glows with a greenish color and recharges by shining a bright light on tape.  Available in rolls 1 inch wide and 10 yards long.
  1 - 3 rolls            $18.45
  4  +  rolls              15.50


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