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"Selecting the correct Roscoflamex"

MATERIAL Roscoflamex
C26 S33 W40 P50
Acrylic Fabric No Yes No No
Acoustical Board No No Yes No
Burlap Yes No No No
Canvas Yes No No No
Cellulosic Board No No Yes No
Cellulosic Material OK No Yes No
Cheesecloth OK OK No No
China Silk OK OK No No
Corrugated Paper Yes No Yes No
Cotton Yes No No No
Duvetyne Yes No No No
Felt OK Yes No No
Fluorescent Paint No No No Yes
Hay No No Yes No
Iddings Deep Colors No No No Yes
Muslin Yes No No No
Nylon No Yes No No
Off Broadway No No No Yes
Paint No No No Yes
Paper Yes No OK No
Plywood No No Yes No
Polyester No Yes No No
Rayon No Yes No No
Scrim Yes No No No
Supersaturated RoscoPaint No No No Yes
Satin No Yes No No
Synthetic Fabrics No Yes No No
Velour Yes No No No
Velvet* Yes Yes No No
Wood (untreated) No No Yes No
Wool Yes OK No No

* Use C26 for natural fiber velvets, or use S33 for synthetic fiber velvets.


Read carefully the instructions supplied with any Roscoflamex product. Rosco offers these products in good faith, but without guarantee of any type, since materials treated and methods of application are beyond the control of the manufacturer. You should determine suitability of the Roscoflamex product for the intended use and always test before using.