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Using the ImagePro™ and a typical theatrical spotlight, project virtually any image you want — quickly, affordably, and easily.

A simple device provides an ingenious solution ...

In short, the ImagePro™ projects an image created from a simple plastic slide. Attach an iPro Slide cartridge to the back plate of the ImagePro™ and insert it into the iris slot of any one of several common luminaires. Then simply turn on the light to project anything from a dazzling full color panorma to a corporate logo, or even a last minute custom gobo texture. Even at 100% intensity, the iPro Slide will last from 15-50 hours with no fading or degradation.

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With a form factor similar to the Rosco Gobo Rotator, the ImagePro™ is both elegant and simple in its engineering. Using three different systems — cooling airflow, infrared reflection, and thermal barriers — the slide is well protected from the extreme heat of the luminaire. Unique toolings on the backplate allow the ImagePro™ to fit snugly into the four most common luminaires: the Altman Shakespeare, ETC Source Four, Selecon Pacific and Strand SL.
You need to project a skyline to establish the time and place of the play you're designing...

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Calling on more than 25 years of experience working with some of the best lighting and set designers, Rosco has put together a library of images sure to meet most of your design needs. Choose from more than 400 designs ranging across 14 categories. Any image you select can be made into an iPro slide in just 24 hours!

If your client needs their corporate logo to be projected in their trade show stand ; or if your lighting design will be best served by projecting a custom designed building facade; or if you just can't find what you like in Rosco's Library but you can create what you want on your computer , then use Rosco's custom iPro Slide Service and you will receive your design made up into a fully assembled iPro Slide cartridge in just 24 hours— for the same low price as a Library Standard design!

Alternately,by following the easy instructions in the iPro Slide Kit, you can design and make your own projection

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