We have prepared guidelines for creating custom designs for an iPro Slide.

The Short Version (For Experienced Graphic Artists)

Artwork for an iPro Slide needs to be prepared to the following specifications:
A. Size
  1. The artwork should be 233 dpi, 3" x 3"; or 699 pixels by 699 pixels.
  2. The Image Area that will project is limited to a center circle 592 pixels in diameter. Make sure that the relevant parts of the artwork remain within this circle as all other elements will bleed out of the projection area.
B. Layout
  1. If you are preparing artwork that is rectangular, determine whether the entire rectangle should project within the circular image area (conscribed rectangle) or whether you want a circle from within the rectangle to project (inscribed rectangle)artwork.
  2. If you are designing a logo that is typically printed on a white background, make sure to determine whether you want the projection in a white background (A pool of white light) or whether you should set the logo in a black (or dark) background. A black background usually results in a more successful projection since a white background tends to wash out the color and reduce the contrast significantly.
  3. If your design contains text, make sure to rasterize the text before submitting it to avoid font substitution problems. Also, very small text will not project well. To determine if the text will project well, increase the magnification of the image to 800% and see if the edges of the fonts are significantly pixelated. Remember that when projected, your image will be magnified more than 2500%
NOTE: If you will be rear-projecting your image, the final step in preparing the graphic file will be to Flip the Image (horizontal). This will allow the image to be properly mounted in the Slide Kit and will read properly when projected. Please make a note on your order that the image will be Rear Projected. Otherwise, it is assumed that your will be projecting the image from the same side of the screen as it will be viewed by the audience.

C. Format
  1. Work in RGB mode, not CYMK. The printing process is able to more faithfully convert your image to CYMK color space than the graphics software can.
  2. Save the finished, properly sized, color balanced image in one of the following formats. (Listed in order of preference)
Do NOT submit DXF or DWG files to be made into iPro Slides.
D. Submitting Artwork
Email your file as an attachment to If the file attachment is larger than 5MB then either Zip or Stuff the file first. Be sure to include in your email the following additional information:

Once you have provided this information, Rosco is ready to make you iPro Slide right away!

If you prefer to make your own finished, assembled slide, use the iPro Slide kit and follow the instructions included with the kit.

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