Virtually any image you can create on a computer can be turned into a custom iPro Slide.

You may submit your production ready digital artwork to us in virtually any format, following some very simple guidelines. Designs in a black background make the most successful projections.

Upon request, Rosco's artists are available to make design changes and alterations to your submitted artwork, though an hourly art charge may apply. To avoid this, please make sure that you submit "production-ready" artwork for your iPro Slide. Production ready means that the artwork you submit is prepared exactly as you want it to project. Detailed instructions are available on this website to guide you through the steps necessary to prepare your artwork.

If you have the beginnings of an image but do not want to do the final graphics design work to turn the artwork into an iPro Slide, then Rosco will be happy to do it for you. For simple digitizing (scanning your printed materials), layout changes and sizing work Rosco will charge you an additional artwork charge of USD $20.00. It is not possible to maintain the same-day production service for these jobs. Your slide will ship on the 3rd day after receiving your order.

For more significant graphic design work that includes but is not limited to artwork creation, photo retouching, and keystone correction, Rosco charges USD $40.00 per hour and delivery time will be determined on a case by case basis.

You may submit artwork directly to Dudley Theatrical:

1. As an e-mail file attachment, emailed to:
2. Mail in a floppy disk or CD to
Dudley Theatrical
3401 Indiana Ave.
Winston Salem, NC 27105
Attn: iPro Slide

Like Library Slides, Custom iPro Slides must be ordered through us.

If emailed as an attachment orders for Custom iPro Slides received before 11am EST, complete with production ready digital artwork, will ship that same day. Orders received after 11am will ship the following day. Any artwork received that is not production ready (wrong format, incorrect sizing, modifications requested, or hard copies) will be subject to an artwork charge and may require a 3 day lead time.